Our Products

We require our products to fully comply with ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards. A further requirement is the need for our suppliers to meet the E1 Fire Safety and Abrasion standards as set out by the EN13329 European Laminate Flooring Standards. We supply and use a glue-less click system in our laminate and vinyl products which not only result in a clean working environment, but also promotes speed in delivering of your installation.   

Laminate Range

Our laminate products offer the following advantages 
* A minimum of 15 years manufacturer’s warranty on the
   laminate flooring against wear and fading;        
* A minimum of 7 years manufacturer’s warranty on the vinyl
   flooring against wear and fading;          
* They can resist normal day to day scratches, cigarette
   burns and stains;       
* Colour-match profiles, skirting’s and/or quarter rounds to
   ensure a professional finish; and          
* Can be re-installed up to 5 times    

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