Laminate Range

  • Aosta-Oak
  • Campania Oak
    Campania Oak
  • Dover Oak
    Dover Oak
  • Likquia Oak
    Likquia Oak
  • Alamo Oak
    Alamo Oak
  • Alberta Wallnut
    Alberta Wallnut
  • Alpine Spruce
    Alpine Spruce
  • Supreme Beech
    Supreme Beech
  • Segovia Cherry
    Segovia Cherry
  • Oak Berlin
    Oak Berlin
  • Quebec Marple
    Quebec Marple
  • Taupe Hickory
    Taupe Hickory
  • Natural Walnut
    Natural Walnut
  • Sierra madre oak
    Sierra madre oak
  • Vignola Cherry
    Vignola Cherry

V-Groove Range

  • Cinnamon Oak
    Cinnamon Oak
  • Ginger Oak
    Ginger Oak
  • Linen Wood
    Linen Wood
  • Oak Milk
    Oak Milk
  • Ontario Oak
    Ontario Oak
  • Ottawa Walnut
    Ottawa Walnut

Vinyl Range

  • Autumn Elm
    Autumn Elm
  • Weathered
  • Silver Oak
    Silver Oak
  • Oak Natural
    Oak Natural
  • Fresh Pine
    Fresh Pine
  • Distressed grey
    Distressed grey
  • Distressed Brown
    Distressed Brown
  • Cherry
  • Oak Grey
    Oak Grey
  • Oak White
    Oak White
  • Oak Frost
    Oak Frost
  • Oak Shaker
    Oak Shaker

Colour Chart

Above are a collection of our Original laminate, V-Groove laminate and Vinyl flooring colours which can be setup on any wooden floors, hardwood floors, parquet floors or timber floors. 

parquetflooring Parquet Flooring
Solid Wood set in a geometric mosaic of pieces used for decorative effect
The two main uses of parquetry are as veneer patterns on furniture and block patterns for flooring. Parquet patterns are entirely geometrical and angular—squares, triangles, lozenges. The most popular parquet flooring pattern is herringbone.
Sand-and-Seal-Wood-Flooring Sand and Seal Wooden Floors
Sanding & Sealing Wood and Parquet Floors, Redone & Restored
Specialists in the restoration and refinishing of solid wood flooring, engineered wood and parquet flooring.
This is accomplished by a process commonly referred to as sand and seal, which involves the sanding down of wooden floors using industrial sanding machines. This process removes the old layers of floor sealer from the top, leaving the surface very smooth, and back to its original raw state, and ready for a fresh recoating.
We utilise this process to completely transform the appearance of any wooden floor, no matter how old, dull or scratched it may be, this completely brings the surface to life, restoring it back to it's true original and natural beauty, the way wood is supposed to be - A floor which is silky smooth and shiny, ready to last for many more years.